The guidance and misguidance of citation indicators

An open seminar held by NIFU 29/11/2016

There is broad agreement that research quality is a broad concept which requires various forms of assessment. Yet, citation indicators are widely and often uncritically used to identify high performing research nations, excellent researchers and successful projects. What can citation indicators express regarding research quality? How do we understand and explain national research performance with bibliometric indicators? How much weight should we put on such comparisons? How does the drive for being highly cited affect the content of research and the behaviour of researchers?

The international research centre R-QUEST invites for an open seminar to discuss these issues:

  • Opening the black box of national research performance v/Kaare Aagaard CFA/Aarhus Universitet
  • The mismeasurement of quality and impact: Contextualizing research assessment, v/Paul Wouters, CWTS/Leiden University

After the presentations, we open up for discussion between our experts in the field and other researchers, users and policy makers.

The complete programme will be announced one week before the seminar.

Registration deadline Friday Nov. 25 at 12:00. Register here.


Opening the black box of national research performance.
– Kaare Aagaard, Jesper W. Schneider  & Thed van Leeuwen

Download the full presentation.

The (mis)measurement of quality and impact.

– Paul Wouters

Download the full presentation.