New publications by R-QUEST

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The R-QUEST team have published two new research articles in Scientometrics and Research Evaluation.

A new publication by Maria Karaulova, Maria Nedeva and Duncan A. Thomas introduces the use of co-nomination as a method to map research fields by directly accessing their knowledge networks organised around exchange relationships of intellectual influence. The authors conclude by discussing possible future uses of co-nomination in science policy and research evaluation arrangements.

The article is published in Scientometrics: Mapping research fields using co-nomination: the case of hyper-authorship heavy flavour physics.

In the second publication Duncan A. Thomas, Maria Nedeva, Maria M. Tirado and Merle Jacob examine the research evaluation-related literature. The current range and volume of this literature is extensive and incorporates scholarly and policy/practice-related perspectives. To make sense of this highly diverse body of literature, the authors undertake a critical review of over 350 works constituting, in their view, the ‘state-of-the-art’ on institutional performance-based research evaluation arrangements (PREAs).

The article is published in Research Evaluation: Changing research on research evaluation: A critical literature review to revisit the agenda.