New publications by R-QUEST

The R-QUEST team have published several new research articles and book chapters.

Article in Research Evaluation by Liv Langfeldt, Invild Reymert and Dag W. Aksnes:

The role of metrics in peer assessments.

Article in Higher Education by Ingvild Reymert, Jens Jungblut and Siri B. Borlaug:

Are evaluative cultures national or global? A cross-national study on evaluative cultures in academic recruitment processes in Europe.

Article in Minerva by Ingvild Reymert:

Bibliometrics in academic recruitment: A screening tool rather than a game changer.

Article in Quantitative Science Studies by Rodrigo Costas, Philippe Mongeon, Márcia R. Ferreira , Jeroen van Honk and Thomas Franssen:

Large-scale identification and characterization of scholars on Twitter.

Book chapter in Big Science and Research Infrastructures in Europe (eds. K. Cramer & O. Hallonsten) by Thomas Franssen:

Research infrastructure funding as a tool for science governance in the humanities: A country case study of the Netherlands (chapter 7).

Book chapter in Pragmatic Inquiry: Critical concepts for social sciences (eds. J. R. Bowen, N. Dodier, J. W. Duyvendak & A. Hardon) by Giselinde Kuipers and Thomas Franssen:

Qualification, or: what is a good something? (chapter 9).